SOURCE is an online system that delivers decision-critical intelligence for pharmaceutical companies operating in China. Track competitors’ products throughout the entire drug lifecycle, with comprehensive data on pre-clinical submissions and approvals, alongside breaking news reports, analytical tools, and market intelligence.

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METRIX provides a systematic solution to identifying China’s leading KOLs and physicians. Linked datasets and flexible search methodologies allow segmentation of hospitals and physicians by discipline, specialty, and therapeutic area, allowing relationship networks to be fully mapped. METRIX serves as an invaluable tool for medical, marketing, and sales teams.

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DEVINT is a comprehensive intelligence system for the China medical device, equipment, and diagnostics industries. Integrated views of pre-defined or customized product categories allow easy tracking of pipeline movements, registrations, and national and regional-level tendering and reimbursement data. Matched with analytical tools and timely policy and industry news reporting, DEVINT provides the market transparency to inform and execute business strategies.

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