PharmaCon 2017 World China Pharmaceuticals Congress 2017

Host by China Pharmaceutical Industry Association (CPIA) and BMAP, the leading life science events organizer, the 3rd World-China Super Generics Forum will gather 300+ leaders of R & D from leading pharmaceutical companies, to have a deep discussion on the challenges addressed above.

Conference highlights:

 Tracking the latest policies, regulations and guidance of generic drug consistency evaluation, BE tests at home and abroad

 Communicating case studies and experience of generic drug consistency evaluation in different dosage forms

 Discussing dissolution experiments, IVIVC and BE tests design, to improve the pass rate of BE tests

 Learning the latest dynamics of the application and development of class 2 and 505b2 new drug registration from leading enterprises

 Exploring the differentiation strategy of generic drug development, innovative drug delivery systems and formulations, to break through chemical drug innovation