GBI and Bloomberg on market development trends and opportunities in China for PD-1/L1 drugs and vaccines

China has emerged as a powerhouse in the immunotherapy field, with over 40 PD-1/L1 inhibitors under active clinical development. In this webinar, GBI reviews the development strategies and future prospects of the domestic sector, including:
• Current PD-1/L1 approvals, pricing, and market performance
• Both monotherapy and combination strategies and how these are being tailored to China’s unmet clinical needs
• Chinese firms’ PD-1/L1-focused deal making, from partnerships to out-licensing

Besides PD-1/L1 drug development, GBI also invites Bloomberg’s Senior Healthcare Analyst to present analysis of China’s post-COVID-19 vaccine opportunities and development gaps, covering:
• China’s current vaccine industry landscape
• COVID-19 vaccine development strategy
• China vaccine industry opportunities